Sunday, 19 October 2014

Happy Snaps Sunday!

I am joining Shanyn over at Classroom ChitChat to link up with her Happy Snaps linky!

Here are a couple of pics that have made me smile this week.

Here I am getting my fit on!  I am trying, trying, trying to keep my fitness going and it was a beautiful day to be outside.  That was yesterday, today is rainy and cold so I had to do skipping in the hallway :)

This is our cat Jaspurr, but my hubs calls him Mr Meowgi.  He is only 2 years old and we love, love, love him.  He likes to sleep behind your legs and generally stays there all night.  He thinks he is a dog and has been trying to get into the backyard to play with our dogs.......they think he is an entree, he thinks he is one of them.  I think it is easy to say if he ever gets out there, it won't be pretty.

Well that is just a couple of snaps that made me feel happy this week!  Why not head over and link up with your happy snaps!

Thanksgiving on your head!

This is a quick post to show you what I have been working on during this rainy afternoon.

This one is made just for my friends who celebrate Thanksgiving!  


This is my lovely son modelling for me :)  The message on the back says I am thankful for having a beautiful Mum :)  

Just click on the pic above to get your copy.

Pssst, there is more to come so watch this space :)

Bright Ideas- Teaching fractions

It's that time again!  Time for another Bright Idea!
This month I want to share a couple of ideas on teaching fractions in the early years.

First thing I do is hunt up a few videos for the kiddos to watch

Then I give each child a piece of paper and ask them to fold it in half, we draw a line and then label one half.  We then fold it into quarters and label it again.  For higher grades we keep going up to 16ths.

I then asked the kidddos to write down what they now know about fractions, this is a great sharing activity.

The next activity I like to do is creating Pizza fractions.  I put my order on the board and give each child a 'pizza', a round piece of cardboard (this is a great alternative if you have students in your class who have intolerances and or allergies to many types of foods).  You can of course make real pizzas if time and money permits :)

 The students divide their pizza into the fractions, then add the topping to the correct fraction.

Each student then labelled their fraction pizza with the toppings they had included. 

I tell you there are some budding chefs in my class this year!  I hope you enjoyed this Bright Idea on our fractions activity.  

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Happy Snaps!

I am linking up with my beautiful blogging buddy  Shanyn at Classroom Chit Chat.

She has started a weekly linky to share photos from your week that made you smile or makes you happy and I couldn't think of a person who makes me smile more than Shanyn.

I have already shared some pics today in my Five for Friday post but so glad I get to share some more with you!


These two gorgeous babies make me laugh every day.  My beautiful daughter is one of the most talented piano players I know and always has a kind word, she is a gentle soul and cares more for those around her than herself.
Mr cheeky monkey is bound to be a comedian.  He has us in stitches ALL the time!  He is such a curious boy and always asks questions, these are often pretty random.  His latest one was, "Mum do snails blink?"  If you ever need a cuddle, he is the one to go to.  
I puffy heart love these little terrors :)

This man is my rock and I am super duper proud of him!  He is my hero and serves his country everyday.  In just a couple of weeks we will have been married 17 years, whew that is a loooonng time.  During that time we have moved around the country and I guess because of that we have learned to rely pretty heavily on each other.  He is my best friend.

It has just been pass a year since we found our sister.  I love looking at these pics, they make me smile looking at our family altogether at last 

This pic right here is my blogging family, I love these gals like they were my sisters.  

Make sure you head over to Shanyn's blog by clicking on the button above to link up your happy snaps!

Five for Friday

I am late linking up for Doodlebugs Five for Friday linky, so this will be a Five for Frunday!  I have a good excuse, I have been away, far, far away where there is no internet or mobile phone connection, so really there was no way I could link up in time!

So let's do this!

We are on the last week of our school holidays and we spent a few days up at our block.  This is a long term project and includes lots of clearing, dam repair and setting up a caravan.

We have a creek that runs along the front of our dam and is eroding the dam face so we have started to divert the creek and then we will begin to repair the damaged face of the dam.  We are hoping to get this done in the next couple of weeks as their has been a lot of rain and the creek is flowing quite fast.  

These 2 light up my life everyday :)  They love getting out into the bush, climbing trees and playing in the mud.  

We have lots of old machinery that we have found hiding in the gorse when we have cleared it.  Gorse is an introduced species to Tasmania and was used as windbreaks and fencing.  It is a prickly, horrible bush that is taking over the land and native species are crowded out, we have many, many acres to clear and it is very hard to kill.  You can see the gorse in the background of this pic, it is covered in yellow flowers in the Spring.

I finished off this file this week

We will be using this one next week when I head back to school.

and this one!

Head over to catch up on some more Five for Friday  Frunday fun!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Money, money, money!

This one is for all my Aussie peeps out there!

I have had this one on the back burner for a while now, but heading into Term 4 in about a week we will be hitting hard on the topic of money!

To help my kiddos grasp the concept of counting money and making change I have made this little file ready to go.

It includes posters, games, identifying notes and coins, adding coins, matching coins and notes to a price and making change.

Here you can see the posters and puzzles to match coins and notes.  There is also a game called Money Maze, this is differentiated so you can have 3 different levels of play happening simultaneously.

More games to encourage counting money and identifying coins and notes.  Match it to $1 and $2 is self correcting so that students are able to check their answers.  Flip and Check is also a self correcting way for students to identify notes and coins, students identify the coin and then turn over the corresponding word, they will know if they have it correct because at the end they will get a tick, if not they must go back and identify where the error was.
Roll and Cover is another coins and notes identification game with the added challenge of counting what you have covered.  

Finally some shopping activities!  There are 36 cards with items and coins to show the price of the item.  I have included 3 different activities for these cards

1.Feed Me requires students to decide which meal they want to make for their family, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Then students record what items they want and record the price, finally they need to total what they have bought and record it.  To increase the difficulty the teacher can challenge students to find the change from $10 or whatever the amount they have chosen.

2. Show Me The Money will require plastic or play money, students need to choose a card and show a different way to make that price than what is shown on the card.  This is a great activity for Maths Centers.

3. Spin and Shop is a fun way for students to count money.  You will need the provided spinners, a paperclip and a pencil.  Students spin and add coins, once they have a total they can then decide what items they can buy using the shopping cards.  This can be recorded by either drawing or writing on the recording sheet.

There is also 2 worksheets included one is a cut and paste the coins for the item and the second one is a colour the coins to match the price.

The best news is that I am extending my half price sale on this for another day so just click on any of the pics above to grab a bargain!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Five for Friday with a Sydney twist

I am linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday! My five this week are my top five moments on our Blogger meet up in Sydney...friends this was so hard to break it down to just 5.

This is us after dinner at Darling Harbour.  
Back row ME!  Beautiful Emma, Gorgeous Mel, Stunning Shanyn
Front Row Awesome Alison, Super Stef, Brilliant Brooke.

I have to tell you meeting up with these intelligent, caring and incredibly talented women was one of the best moments ever for me.  I am so proud to call them friends.

Shanyn, Emma, Stef

Emma, Me!

Centrepoint Tower, Emma and Me

Rohan, Alison, Brooke.

Selfies and group shots were in huge supply on our ferry ride around the harbour, too much fun.  Can you see our Go Noodle lanyards?  Brooke made each of us name tags with our blog button on them, this was to make it an official Blogger meet up......and in case one of us got lost :)

Shanyn is such a kook!  I love her sense of humour, it is kind of like mine, probably because we are both Queenslanders so we know that you just can't take life so seriously.  
PS Fun fact, Shanyn and I went to the same high school about a hundred years apart.  In case you can't tell from my super youthful looks I am sooo much older.  
This is us being the Luna Park gates, I love this photo.

The morning after.  We had all emerged the next morning to a lovely buffet breakfast and then we had to say goodbye to Mel in the foyer, you need to read Mel's post to know how to pronounce buffet and foyer.  This was a sad moment because we didn't want to say goodbye.

Finally, while you are heading over to Mel's blog post make sure you enter the Rafflecopter to win a $50 TpT voucher.  How generous is she?

I am so blessed to have met these women and just hope that we can do it again......soon.